Malcolmian English: The English Malcolm X Spoke

Malcolmian English: The English Malcolm X Spoke

African Americans should avoid falling into the “trick bag” and “inferiority trap” by accepting the idea that there is “white English” and black English”, and of course black English is in the inferior position and white English stands as its superior. 

Some African Americans, for some reason or another, get caught in a catch 22 over the issue.  That is to say, “they’re damn if they do and they’re damn if they don’t”.Theirs is a negative situation. 

If they don’t speak black English then they are accused of trying to be white, if they do speak so-called black English, they are considered to be illiterate, under-educated, ghetto dwellers, or criminals. 

Another indicator that demonstrates that black English is considered inferior while white English is considered superior is the fact that black people use white English to seek employment or to get into better schools, while white people use black English only to get some “hang” with blacks folks or just simply to sound and act like niggers. Sorry for using that damnable N-word, but you got the point.

As we go deeper into our discussion about this matter, we also find that there seems to be some confusion about the difference between intonation, stress, and accent of a language on the one hand and good grammar, good pronunciation and clear delivery of the language on the other. 

What we some times fail to realize is that language is simply a tool like a computer is a tool. There are no “white” computers and ”black” computer. There are just computers which white people use for their purposes and computers which black people use for theirs.

On the other hand, both white and black people use language to give oral expression to their cultural experiences in forms that are defined sometimes as slang, ebonics, patois or pidgin, broken English, or bad English.  

Blacks, however, are not the only ones who use non-standard forms of English.  White people also have their fair share of slang, patois, pidgin, broken English, and bad English as well. 

Just travel throughout America and the white countries that are part of the British Commonwealth. One can easily find themselves in a conversation with some of the white so-called English speakers from these nations, and wind up saying, “What the hell did he just say?”  At times you won’t even believe that these white Anglo-Saxons are speaking English. 

At the end of the day, there is no white English nor black English, just standard English and dialectal English, whether it emanates from a white source or a black one.


The Alternative to BEING YOURSELF is trying to become somebody else and thereby, become somebody else’s fool and somebody else’s tool.

I would, therefore, like to suggest that African Americans should start using “Malcolmian English”: The English Malcolm X spoke, as an alternative to black English and white English. The essential qualities of “Malcolmian English” are as follows: intelligent – confident – clear-minded – focused – non-bootlicking – non-compromising – fearless – militantly articulated English.  The most important thing is to speak a form of English that will gain you respect for being yourself. As mentioned above, BE YOURSELF AND LET YOURSELF BE. This is the key to success in this world. 



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Africa is for the Africans Who Love Her

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Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'asg I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa: there are blacks who are no good here and will ikewise be no 2000 there! Marcas Carvey'
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