Qālūn Musḥaf (Entire Holy Qur’an), Read by Shaykh Othman Al-Andary with the Rules of Tajwīd

The Entire Holy Qur’an With Color Coded Rules of Tajwīd in the Qālūn Reading Style (Qiraat of Qālūn an Naafi)

Click on the link below to download a copy of the muṣḥaf, then click on one of the links below the picture of the muṣḥaf to follow one of the well known readers of the Warsh Reading Style.

Link for Muṣḥaf:


Qālūn Extract Page

Click link below to follow Shaykh Othman Ibn Al-Tayeb Al-Andary of Tunisia

This is the Full Quran recited by Shaykh Al-Andary:


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