فَصْلٌ فِي الْـمَسْحِ عَلَى الْـخُفَّيْـنِ (Wiping over the Leather Socks) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

‮  ‬فَصْلٌ‮ ‬فِي‮ ‬الْـمَسْحِ‮ ‬عَلَى الْـخُفَّيْـنِ‮ ‬(Wiping over the Leather Socks)‮ ‬

لِـلْـمَسْحِ‮ ‬ (Wiping over the leather  socks) عَـلَيْهِ‮ ‬ثَـمَانِيَّةُ شُـرُوطٍ(has eight conditions): الأَوَّلُ (the first them is)‭:‬ ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬يَـكُونَ‮ ‬جِـلْدًا (that the socks are leather). فَلاَ‮ ‬يَــمْسَحُ (Do not wipe) عَلَى‮ ‬غَيْرِهِ (over  any other material), كَالْـخِرَقِ (for example ragged or patched material) وَنَحْوِهَا (or what is similar) ‮ ‬إِذَا صُـنِعَتْ (even if it is made) ‮ ‬عَلَى هَيْئَةِ‮ ‬الْـخُفِّ (in the pattern of leather socks)  ‮ ‬إِلاَّ‮ ‬الْـجَوْرَبَ (except Jawrab) ‮ ‬وَهْـوَ‮ ‬مَـا كَـانَ (which is made) عَلَى الشَّكْلِ‮ ‬الْـخُفِّ (on the pattern of the leather sock) مِـنَ‮ ‬الْـكَتَّانِ (from linen), ‮ ‬وَنَحْوِهِ (and similar to the leather sock), ‮ ‬مِنْ‮ ‬فَوْقِهِ (on its top) وَتَـحْتِهِ (and its bottom) جِلْدٌ‮ ‬مَخْرُوزٌ (there is sewn leather.)

الثَّانِى (Second), ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬يَكُونَ‮ ‬طَاهِرًا (it is clear) ‮ ‬فَلاَ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ (that the worshipper should not wipe) عَلَى النَّجِسِ (unclean substances) كَجِلْدِ‮ ‬الْـخَنْزِيرِ (the leather of the pig) وَجِلْدِ‮ ‬الْـمَأْكُلُ (and the leather of an animal that is lawful to eat) غَـيْرِ‮ ‬الْـمُذَكَّى (but not lawfully slaughtered) أَوْ‮ ‬الْـمُذَكَّى (or an animal properly slaughtered)‮ ‬غَيْرِ‮ ‬الْـمَأْكُلِ  (but not lawful to eat) وَإِنْ‮ ‬دُبِغَ (even if it has been tanned).

الثََّالِثُ (Third): ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬يَكُونَ‮ ‬مَخْرُوزًا (the leather socks should be sewn),  ‮ ‬فَلاَ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ‮ ‬عَلَيْهِ (and the worshipper shouldn’t wipe over them) ‮ ‬إِذَا كَـانَ‮ ‬مَـرْبُـوطًا (if they are tied) ‮ ‬أَوْ‮ ‬نَـحْوَهُ (or what is similar).

الرَّابِعُ (Fourth): ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬يَكُونَ‮ ‬سَـاتِـرًا (The leather sock should cover) ‮ ‬لِـمَحَـلِّ‮ ‬الْـفَرْضِ (the obligatory area of the foot that has to be washed) ‮ ‬لاَ‮ ‬مَا نَقَصَ (not what is less than that). ‮ ‬فَلاَ‮ ‬يَصِحُّ (It is not correct) ‮ ‬الْـمَسْحُ‮ ‬عَلَيْهِ ( to wipe over it) ‮ ‬وَإِنْ‮ ‬كَانَ‮ ‬فِيهِ‮ ‬خرْقٌ‮ ‬كَبِيرٌ (if there is a large hole in it) ‮ ‬قَدْرُ‮ ‬ثُلَثِ‮ ‬الْقَدَمِ  (the size of a third of the foot).

الْـخَامِـسُ (Fifth): أَنْ‮ ‬يُـمْكِنُ (It should be possible) تَـتَابِـعُ‮ ‬الْـمَشْـيِ‮ ‬بِـهِ (to walk in them) فَالوَسِعُ (and if there is wideness) الَّذِي‮ ‬لاَ‮ ‬يُـمْكِنُ (which makes it impossible)‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬يَـتَابِـعَ‮ ‬الْـمَشْـيِ‮ ‬بِـهِ (to walk in them), لاَ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ‮ ‬عَـلَيْهِ (then the worshipper)  (should not wipe over them).

السَّادِسُ (Sixth): أَنْ‮ ‬يَلْبَسَهُ (The worshipper should put the leather socks on) عَلَى طَهَارَةٍ‮ ‬ ([immediately] after performing the purification), فَلاَ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ‮ ‬عَلَيْهِ (while he should not wipe over them) ‮ ‬إِذَا لَـبِسَهُ (if he puts them on) وَهْـوَ‮ ‬مُـحْـدِثٌ (while he is in a state of impurity); وَيُشْـتَرَطُ (It is conditional) فِـي‮ ‬هَـاـذَهِ‮ ‬الطَّهَارَةِ (in  regards to this purification), أَنْ‮ ‬تَـكُونَ‮ ‬مَائِـيَةً (that it be done with water). ‮  ‬فَـلَوْ‮ ‬تَـيَمَّمَ (If the worshipper performs tayammum) ثُـمَّ‮ ‬لَـبِسَهُ (and then puts the leather socks on), لمْ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ‮ ‬عَـلَيْهِ (he should not wipe over them). وَأَنْ‮ ‬تَكُونَ‮ ‬كَامِلَةً ([It is also a condition] that it [the actions of purification] should be thoroughly completed). ‮ ‬فَـلَوْ‮ ‬غَسَـلَ (If the worshipper washes) إِحْـدَى رِجْـلَيْهِ (one of his feet), وَأَدْخَـلََهَا فِي‮ ‬الْـخُفِّ (and then puts it in the leather sock) ‮ ‬قَـبْلَ‮ ‬غَسْـلِ‮ ‬الأُخْـرَى (before washing the other) وَنَـحْوُ‮ ‬ذَالِـكَ (and what is similar to that), لاَ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ‮ ‬عَـلَيْهِ (he should not wipe over the sock).

السَّابِـعُ (Seventh): أَنْ‮ ‬لاَ‮ ‬يَكُونَ‮ ‬عَـاصِـيًا (the worshipper should not be in a state of disobedience) بِـلَبْسِهِ (when he is wearing them), كَـالْـمُحْـرِمِ (like the person who is in iḥraam) ‮ ‬غَـيْرِ‮ ‬الْـمُضْطَرِّ (who doesn’t need) لِـلُبْسِهِ (to wear them), أَوْ‮ ‬بِـسَفَرِهِ (or the person who is traveling) كَـالعَاقِّ (as a rebel) وَلآبِقِ (and a run away slave), فَـلاَ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ (Such a person should not wipe) ‮ ‬وَاحِـدٌ‮ ‬مِـنْهَُمَا (not even one of them).

الثَّامِـنُ (Eighth): أَنْ‮ ‬لاَ‮ ‬يَـكُونَ (the leather socks should not be) مُـتَرَفِّهًا (for the purpose of adornment) بِـلَبْسِهِ (when they are worn]), فَـمَنْ‮ ‬لَـبِسَهُ‮ ‬ (while who ever wears them) لِـنَوْمٍ (to sleep) أَوْ‮ ‬نَحْوِهِ (or what is similar), لاَ‮ ‬يَـمْسَحُ‮ ‬عَلَيْهِ (should not wipe over them).‮                              ‬

تَـنْبِيهٌ‮ ‬- (Note):

إِذَا اجْـتَمَعَتْ‮ ‬هَـاـذَهِ‮ ‬الشُّرُوطُ (When all of these conditions have been met), ‮ ‬جَـازَ‮ ‬الْـمَسْحُ (then wiping over [the leather socks] is permissible) وَلاَ‮ ‬يَـتَوَقَّتُ (there is no set time limit) بِـوَقْـتٍ (in regards t0 time) وَلاَ‮ ‬يَلْزَمُهُ (and there is no necessity) نَزْعَهُ (for the removal of them) إِلاَّ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬تَـحْصُلَ‮ ‬لَـهُ‮ ‬جَـنَابَـةٌ (unless major impurity  occurs in regards to  the worshipper) ‮ ‬أَوْ‮ ‬تَـحْصُلَ‮ ‬فِـيْهِ‮ ‬خَـرْفٌ‮ ‬كَـبِيرٌ (or they get a large hole in them) أَوْ‮ ‬يَـنْزَعَ‮ ‬قَـدَمَهُ (or the worshipper removes his foot) أَوْ‮ ‬أَكْثَرَهَا (or most of it) إِلَى سَاقِ‮ ‬خُفِّهِ (inside of his leather sock).

وَصِـفَة الْـمَسْحُ‮ ‬الْـمُسْتَحَيَّة (The recommended description of the wiping) أَنْ‮ ‬يَـضَعَ (is that the worshipper places)‮ ‬أَصَابِعَ‮  ‬يَدِهِ‮ ‬الْـيُمْنَى (the fingers of the right hand) ‮ ‬عَلَى أَطْرَافِ‮ ‬أَصَابِعِ‮ ‬رِجْلِهِ‮ ‬مِنْ‮ ‬ظَـاهِـرِ‮ ‬قَـدَمِـهِ‮ ‬الْـيُمْنَى (on the top of the tip of the toes of his right foot) ‮ ‬وَيَضَعَ‮ ‬يَدَهُ‮ ‬الْيُسْرَى (and place his left hand) مِـنْ‮ ‬تَـحْتِهِ‮ ‬أَطْـرَافِ‮ ‬أَصَـابِـعِهِ (under the tips of the toes) مِنْ‮ ‬بَاطِنِ‮ ‬خُفِّهِ (of the bottom of the leather socks) وَيُـمِرَّهُـمَا (and pass them) ‮ ‬إِلَـى الْـكَعْبَيْـنِ (up to ankle),‮ ‬وَيَـفْعَلُ بِالْيُسْرَى‮ ‬(and do the same on the left sock) كَذَالِكَ (as that) ‮ ‬عَلَى أَحَدِ‮ ‬الْقَوْلَيْـنِ (according to one of two views).

14. الْـحَيْضُ (The Blood of Menstruation) and النَّفَاسُ (The Blood of Parturition [Childbirth]) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

Chapter 2 – Concerning الصَّلاةِ (Prayer) – Section:

  1. الصَّلاَةُ‮ ‬الْـمَفْرُوضةُ‮ ‬ (The Obligatory Prayers) from Matnu-l-ʿIzziyah

This is not the complete text, but rather, its a work in progress. In shaa’a-l-laah, there will be more sections add over time.  

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