The Chapter About مُفْسِدَاتِ الصَّلاَةِ (The Things That Nullify Prayer) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

The Chapter About مُفْسِدَاتِ‮ ‬الصَّلاَةِ (The Things That Nullify Prayer)

وَتَفْسُـدُ‮ ‬الصَّلاَة (Prayer is nullified): [a] بِـالضَّحِكَ (by laughing),  عَـمْدًا (whether it is done intentionally)  ‮ ‬أَوْ‮ ‬سَـهْوًا (or absent-mindedly), [b] وَبِـسُـجُـودِ‮ ‬السَـهْوِ (and by the prostration for forgetfulness) لِـلْفَضِِيلَةِ (for the parts  the prayer classified as meritorious actions), [c] وَبِـتَعَـمُّدِ‮ ‬زَيَـادَةِ (and by the intentional addition of) رَكْـعَةٍ (a rakʿah), أَوْ سَـجْـدَةٍ (or a sajdah)  أَوْ‮ ‬نَـحْوُ‮ ‬ذَالِـكَ (or anything similar) فِـى الصَّلاَةِ  (during  the  performance  of  prayer),  [d] وَبِـالأَكْـلِ (and by eating) وَالشُّرْبِ  (and  drinking),  [e] وَبِـالْـكَلاَمِ‮ ‬عَـمْدًا (and by talking intentionally),  إِلاَّ‮ ‬لاِصْـلاَحَ‮ ‬الصَّلاَةِ (unless it is to make a correction in the prayer). فَـتَبْطَلُ (Prayer [also] becomes nullified):  بِـكَـثِيرِهِ‮ ‬دُونَ‮ ‬يَسِـيرِهِ (by a lot of it [speech] unless it is a small amount), [f] وَبِـالنَّفْخِ‮ ‬عَـمْدًا (and by blowing with the mouth intentionally), [g] وَبِـالْـحَـدَثِ (`and by bodily impurity), [h]  وَذِكْـرِ‮ ‬الْـفَائِـتَةِ  (and by remembering passed prayers that are owed), [i]  وَبِـالْـقَيْءِ  (and by vomiting)  إنْ‮ ‬تَـعَـمَّدْهُ (if it is done intentionally), [ j] وَبِـزَيَـادَةِ‮ ‬أَرْبَـعِ‮ ‬رَكْـعَاتِ‮ ‬ (and by the addition of four more rakʿahs) سَـهْوًا (absent-mindedly) فِـي‮ ‬الرِبَّـاعِـي,‮ ‬(to the prayers that have four rakʿahs)  وَالثُّلاَثِـيَِّة,‮ ‬(and three rakʿah), وَبِـزَيَـادَةِ‮ ‬رَكْـعَتَيْـنِ  (and by the addition of two more rakʿahs)  فِـي‮ ‬الثَّانِـيَةِ ( to the prayer that has two rakʿahs), [k] وَبِـسُـجُودُ‮ ‬الْـمَسْـبُوقِ‮ ‬مَـعَ‮ ‬الإمَـامِ (and by the prostration of the person praying behind the imām), لِِـلسَـهْوِ (which is done because of absent-mindedness), [whether] قَـبْلِيًّا (it is done before the salaam)  أَوْ‮ ‬بَـعْدِيًّـا (or after it), إِنْ‮ ‬لَـمْ‮ ‬يُـدْرِكَ‮ ‬مَـعَ‮ ‬الإمَـام (if the worshipper has not kept up with the imām), وَبِـتُركِ‮ ‬السُّجُودِ‮ ‬الْـقَبْلِيِّ (and by not performing the prostration for absent-mindedness which is done before the salaam) إِنْ‮ ‬كَـانَ‮ ‬عَـنْ‮ ‬نَـقْصِ‮ ‬ثَـلاَثِ‮ ‬سُـنَـنٍ (when three sunnah action have been omitted), and وَطَـالَ (a length of time has has gone by). وَاللَّهُ‮ ‬أَعْلَمُ (Allah is the Best Knower).

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