The Sunnah Actions of Wuḍuu’ from Matn al ʿIzziyah

The Sunnah Actions of Wuḍuu’

وَسُـنَـنُهُ (The actions of wuḍuu’ that follow the example of Prophet) ثَـمَانِـةٌ (are eight). الأُولَـى‮ ‬غَسْـلُ‮ ‬الْـيَدَيْـنِ‮ ‬(The first sunnah is washing the hands)  قَبْلَ‮ ‬إِذْخَالِهِمَا فِي‮ ‬الإِنَـاءِ (before putting them into the water container) وَيَـنْوِي‮  ‬بِغَسْـلِهِمَا (and the one performing wuḍuu’  should make the intention to wash them) التَّعَبُّدَ‮ ‬عَـلَى حِـدَتِـهَا (for the purposes of  worship only).

الثَّانِـيَةُ‮ ‬الْـمَضْمَضَةُ The second sunnah is rinsing the mouth. وَهِـيَ‮ ‬إِدْخَـالُ‮ ‬الْـمَاءِ‮ ‬فِـي‮ ‬الْـفَمِ‮ ‬(It is the action of putting water into the mouth) ثُـمَّ‮ ‬يُـخَضْخِضُهُ (then swishing it around)‮ ‬يـَـمُجُهُ (and spitting it out).

الثَّالِثَةُ‮ ‬الإسْتِنْشَاقُ (The third sunnah is inhaling water).  وَهُوَ‮ ‬جَذْبُ‮ ‬الْـمَاءِ‮ ‬(It is drawing up water) بِنَفسِهِ‮ ‬لِدَاخِلِ‮ ‬الأَنْفِ (in order to cause it enter into the nose).

‮ ‬الرَّابِـعَةُ‮ ‬الإسْـتِنْثَارُ (The fourth sunnah is blowing out the water) وَهُوََ‮ ‬دَفْعُ‮ ‬الـْمَاءِ (and it is forcing out the water) مِـنْ‮ ‬أَنْـفِهِ‮ ‬بِـنَفْسِهِ (from his nose)  مَـعَ‮ ‬جَـعْلِ‮ ‬السَّبَّابَـة (by placing the index finger) وَالإبْـهَام (and the thumb) مِنْ‮ ‬يَـدِه الْيُسْـرَى (from the left hand) عَـلَ‮ ‬الأَنّـفِ (on top of the nose). وَيُـبَالِـغُ‮ ‬غَـيْرُ‮ ‬صَـائِـمِ‮ ‬(Everyone except the individual who is fasting should exert himself) فِـي‮ ‬الْـمَضْمَضَةُ‮ ‬وَ‮ ‬الإسْـتِنْشَاقُ‮ ‬(in the rinsing the mouth and inhaling water into the nose). وَالأَفْـضَلُ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬يَـتَمََضْمَضَ (It is best to rinse the mouth) بِـثَلاَثِ‮ ‬غَـرَفَـاتٍ‮ ‬(with three handfuls of water) ثُـمَّ‮ ‬يَسْـتَنْشِقَ (and inhale)  بِـثَلاَثِ‮ ‬غَـرَفَـاتٍ (three handfuls of water).

الْـخَامِـسةُ‮ ‬مَـسْحُ‮ ‬الأُذْنَـيـْنِ (The fifth sunnah is wiping the two ears, both) ظَـاهِرِهِـمَا (the outside of them) وَبَـاطِـنِهِمَا (and the inside of them) بِـأَنْ‮ ‬يَـدْخُـلَ‮ ‬سَـبَّابَـتَيْهِ (by the worshipper putting his index fingers  فِـي‮ ‬صِـمَاخَـيْهِ (in his ear canals) وَيَـجْعَلَ‮ ‬إِبْـهَامَـيْهِ (and placing his thumb) عَلَى ظَاهِرِهِمْ (on the outside of them).

السَّادِسَةُ‮ ‬تَـجْدِيدُ‮ ‬الـْـمَاءِ (The sixth sunnah is to fresh the water) لِـمَسْحُ‮ ‬الأُذُنَيْـنِ (used for wiping over the ears).

السَّابِـعةُ رَدُّ‮ ‬الْيَدَيْن (The seventh sunnah is returning the two hands back to their starting position) فِـي‮ ‬مَسْحُ‮ ‬الرَّأْسِ (when wiping the head).

الثَّامِـنَةُ‮ ‬تَرْتِيبُ‮ ‬فَرَائِضِهِ The eight sunnah is to maintain the correct order of the obligatory actions of wuḍuu’.

تَنْبِيهNote / Rule: 1

مَنْ‮ ‬تَرَكَ‮ ‬فَرْضًا مِنْ‮ ‬فَرَائِضِ‮ ‬الْوَُضُوءِ‮ ‬فَإِنَّهُ‮ ‬يَأْتِي‮ ‬بِهِ‮ ‬ثُمَّ‮ ‬يُعِيدُ‮ ‬الصَّلاَةَ‮ ‬وَ‮ ‬تَرَكَ‮ ‬سُنَّةً‮ ‬فَإِنَّهُ‮ ‬لاَ‮ ‬يُعِيدُ‮ ‬الصَّلاَةَ‮ ‬وَيَفْعَلُ‮ ‬تِلْكَ‮ ‬السُّنَّةَ‮ ‬لِـمَا‮ ‬يَستَقْبَلُ‮ ‬مِنَ‮ ‬الصَّلَوَاتِ‮

مَنْ‮ ‬تَرَكَ‮ ‬فَرْضًا مِنْ‮ ‬فَرَائِضِ‮ ‬الْوَُضُوءِ (Whoever omits one of the obligatory acts of wuḍuu’), ‮ ‬فَإِنَّهُ‮ ‬يَأْتِي‮ ‬بِهِ (should do it), ثُـمَّ‮ ‬يُـعِيدُ‮ ‬الصَّلاَةَ (then repeat the prayer), وَ‮ ‬تَرَكَ‮ ‬سُنَّةً (and whoever omits a sunnah act of wuḍuu’), ‮ ‬فَإِنَّهُ‮ ‬لاَ‮ ‬يُـعِيدُ‮ ‬الصَّلاَةَ‮ ‬(does not repeat the prayer), وَيَـفْعَلُ‮ ‬تِـلْكَ‮ ‬السُّنَّةَ (but he should do that sunnah) لِـمَا‮ ‬يَستَقْبَلُ‮ ‬مِنَ‮ ‬الصَّلَوَاتِ‮ ‬ (for the next prayer coming).

7. The Meritorious Actions of Wuḍuu’ from Matn al ʿIzziyah

8. الإسْـتِنجَاءُ ([Istinjaa’] Cleansing Oneself of Impurity), الاِسْـتِبْرَاءُ ([Istibraa’] Ridding Oneself of Impurity) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

9. (The Proper [Adaab] Manners for Urinating and Defecating from Matn al ʿIzziyah

10. نَوَاقِضُ الوُضُوء (The Nullification of Wuḍuu’) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

11. The Things That Make Ghusl [Major Ablution] Necessary from Matn al ʿIzziyah

12. التَّيَمُّمُ at-Tayammum (Dry ablution) from Matn al ʿIzziyyah

13. فَصْلٌ فِي الْـمَسْحِ عَلَى الْـخُفَّيْـنِ (Wiping over the Leather Socks) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

14. الْـحَيْضُ (The Blood of Menstruation) and النَّفَاسُ (The Blood of Parturition [Childbirth]) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

Chapter 2 – Concerning الصَّلاةِ (Prayer) – Section:

  1. الصَّلاَةُ‮ ‬الْـمَفْرُوضةُ‮ ‬ (The Obligatory Prayers) from Matnu-l-ʿIzziyah

This is not the complete text, but rather, its a work in progress. In shaa’a-l-laah, there will be more sections add over time.  

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