The Chapter About التَّيَمُّمِ (Dry Ablution) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

The Chapter About التَّيَمُّمِ (Dry Ablution)

التَّيَمُّم (dry ablution) has فَـرَائِـضُ (obligatory actions), وَسُـنَـنٌ (actions derived from the Prophet Muhammad)  وَفَـضَائِـلُ (and meritorious actions) linked to it. فَـأَمَّا فَـرَائِـضُهِ (As for its obligatory actions), فَـأَرْبَـعَةٌ (they are four): 1)  النِّيَّة (the intention) وَهِيَ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬يَنْوِي‮ ‬اسْتِيَاحَةَ‮ ‬الصَّلاَةِ (it is to intend to make the ṣalaah lawful), لأَِنَّ‮ ‬التَّيَمُّمَ‮ ‬لاَ‮ ‬يَـرْفَــعُ‮ ‬الْـحَدَثَ (because tayammum does not remove bodily impurity). عَـلَى الْـمَشْهُورِ (This is in accord with what is well known in the madh-hab of Imām Mālik), 2) تَـعْمِيمُ‮ ‬وَجْـهِهِ (the worshipper wiping his face)   وَيَـدَيْـهِ (and his hands)  إِلَـى الْـكَوْعَـيْـنِ (up to the wrist bone), 3) وَالضَّرْبَةُ‮ ‬الأُولى (the first patting of the earth, 4) وَالصَّعِيدُ‮ ‬الطَّاهِـر (pure earth); وَهُـوَ‮ ‬كُلُّ‮ ‬مَا صَعَدَ‮ ‬عَلَى وَجْهِ‮ ‬الأَرضِ (it is every kind of top ground on the face of the earth) مِـنَ‮ ‬تُرَابٍ (including dust), أَوْ‮ ‬رَمْلٍ (sand), أَوْ‮ ‬حِجَارَةٍ (stone), أَوْ‮ ‬سَبْخَةٍ (salt from a salt marsh) أَوْ‮ ‬نَحْوُ‮ ‬ذَالِكَ (or what is similar to these things).

وَأَمَّا سُـنَـنُهُ (As for its actions which are derived from the Prophet Muhammad), فَـثَلاَثَـةٌ (they are three): 1) تَـرْتِـيبُ‮ ‬الْـمَسْحِ (the order of wiping the limbs), 2) وَالْـمَسْحُ‮ ‬مِنَ‮ ‬الكَوْعِ‮ ‬إِلى الْـمَـرْفَقِ (wiping from the wrist to the elbow), 3) وَتَـجْـدِيدُ‮ ‬الضَّرْبَـةُ (renewal of the patting of the earth) لِلْيَدَيْـنِ (for the two hands).

وَأَمَّا فَـضَائِـلُهُ (As for it’s meritorious actions), فَـثَلاَثَـةٌ‮ ‬أَيْـضًا (they are three also): 1) التَّسْمِيَّة (Basmalah – Bismi-l-laahi-r-Rahmaani-r-Rahiim, 2) وَالْـبَدْءُ‮ ‬بِـمَسْحِ‮ ‬ظَـاهِـرِ‮ ‬الْـيُمْنَى‮ ‬ (starting by wiping the outside of the right arm) بِـالْـيُسْـرى إِلَـى الْـمَرْفَـقِ (with the left hand up to the elbow),  ثُمَّ بِـالْـبَاطِـنِ‮ ‬إِلَـى آخِـرِ‮ ‬الأَصَـابِـعِ (and then with the inside of the arm [from the elbow] to the finger tips), 3)  وَمَـسْحُ‮ ‬اليُسرى مِـثْلَ‮ ‬ذَلِك (wiping the left arm in the same manner). وَاللَّهُ‮ ‬أَعْلَمُ (Allah is the Best Knower).

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