The Removal of Impurity from the Garment of the Worshipper, His Body and His Prayer Area and What is Excusable in Regards to Blood and Festering Matter from Matn al ʿIzziyah

The Removal of Impurity from the Garment of the Worshipper, His Body and His Prayer Area

فصل – Section:

تَجِـبُ‮ ‬إِزَالَـةُ‮ ‬النَّجَاسَـةِ‮ ‬عَنِ‮ ‬ثَـوْبِ‮ ‬الـمصَلِّي‮ ‬وَبَدَنِهِ‮ ‬وَمَـكَانِـه (The removal of impurity from the garment of the one who is praying, and his body and his area of worship is required). وَهُـوَ‮ ‬مَـا تَـمَاسُّهُ‮ ‬الأَعْـضَاء‮ ‬(It is what his limbs come in contact with). إِذَا كَـانَ‮ ‬ذَاكِرًا لَهَا (If he remembers it [an impurity]) قَـادِرًا عَـلَى إِزَالََـتِهَا (and is able to remove it)‮ ‬بِالْـمَاءِ‮ ‬الـمَطْلَقِ (with water which is valid), فَـلَوْ‮ ‬أَزَالَـهَا (and he removes it) بِـغَيرِهِ  (by another means) وَصَـلَّى (and prays), لَـمْ‮ ‬تَـصِحَّ (the salaah is not valid). وَإِذَا سَـقَطَ‮ ‬عَـلَى مُـصَلِّي‮ ‬وَهُـوَ‮ ‬فِي‮ ‬الصَّلاَةِ‮ ‬نَـجَاسَةٌ (If an impurity falls on the one who is praying while he is praying),‮ ‬بَـطَلَتْ‮ ‬صَـلاَتُـهُ (the salaah becomes invalid), وَكَذَا إِذَا ذَكَـرَ (It is the same if he remembers) وَهُـوَ‮ ‬فِـي‮ ‬الصَّلاَةِ (while in prayer) أَنَّ‮ ‬بِـثَوْبِـهِ (that his garment) أَوْ‮ ‬بَـدَنِـهِ (or his body) أَوْ‮ ‬مَـكَانِـه (or his area of worship) نَـجَاسَةٌ (is impure). وَإِذَا كَانَ‮ ‬الْـمَكَانُ‮ ‬نَـجِسًا (If his area of worship is impure) وَجَـعَلَ‮ ‬عَلَيهِ (and he places on it) سَائِرًا طَاهِرًا (a thick clean cover), (which is also thick in its appearance), جَـازَتْ‮ ‬عَـلَيْهِ‮ ‬مُطْلَقًا (then the salaah is allowed on it without restriction); أَعْـنِى لِـلْـمَرِيضِ (I mean for those who are sick) وَالصَّـحِيحِ (and those who are healthy) عَلَى مَا رَجَّحُهُ‮ ‬ابْنُ‮ ‬يُونُسَ (according to what Ibn Yūnus preferred).

What is Excusable in Regards to Blood and Festering Matter

فصل – Section:

يُـعٌفى عَـنْ‮ ‬يَسِـيرِ‮ ‬الدَّمِ‮ ‬مُطْلَقًا (A little blood is excused entirely) أَعْنِي‮ ‬سَوَاءٌ‮  ‬كَـانَ‮ ‬دَمَ‮ ‬حَـيْضٍ (whether it is the blood of menstruation) أَوْ‮ ‬نِـفَاسٍ (or parturition) أَوْ‮ ‬مَـيْتَةٍ (or a dead thing), رَآهُ‮ ‬فِـي‮ ‬الصَّلاَةِ‮ ‬(even if the one who s praying sees it in salaah), أَو خَـارِجَـهَا مِـنْ‮ ‬جَسَـدِهِ (or it is flowing from his body), أَوْ‮ ‬غَـيْرِهِ (or someone else), وَيَسِـيرِ‮ ‬الْـقَيْحِ (and also a small amount of pus [is excused]) وَالصَّدِيدِ (and festering matter [can be overlooked]). وَالْيَسـِـيرُ‮ ‬ (The small amount is) مَـا دُونَ‮ ‬الدِّرْهَـمِ‮ ‬(less than the size of the dirham). وَالْـمُرَادُ‮ ‬بِـالدِّرْهَـمِ  (and what is meant by the   word ‘dirham’) البَغْلِيُّ (has to do with the mule). أَيِ‮ ‬الدَّائِـرَةُ (That is to say, the circle) التِّى تَـكُونُ‮ ‬بِـبَاطِـنِ‮ ‬الذِّرَاعِ (that is found on the inside of the knee)  مِـنَ البَغْل (of the female mule), وَعَـنْ‮ ‬أَثَـرِ‮ ‬الدُّمَّلِ (and [also a small amount matter] from the trace of a boil [is excused]), إِذَا لَـمْ‮ ‬يُـنْكَ (when it has not been disturbed) أَيْ‮ ‬لَـمْ‮ ‬يُـعْصَرْ (that is to say: it has not been squeezed) دَمُّ‮ ‬البَرَاغِـيث‮ ‬(and [also a small amount] of the blood of the flea) طِـينِ‮ ‬الـمَطَرِ (and the mud from rain [is excused]) وَإِنْ‮ ‬كَـانَـتِ‮ ‬الْـمَذَرَةُ‮ ‬فِـيهِ (even if a foul smell is in it), إِلاَّ‮ ‬أَنْ‮ ‬تَكُونَ‮ ‬النَّجَاسَةُ‮ ‬غَالِبًا‮ ‬(unless it is mostly impure) أَوْ‮ ‬يَكُونَ‮ ‬لَهَا عَيْـنٌ‮ ‬قَائِمَةٌ (or has stagnant water in it).

5. The Obligatory Actions of Wuḍuu’ from Matn al ʿIzziyah

6. The Sunnah Actions of Wuḍuu’ from Matn al ʿIzziyah

7. The Meritorious Actions of Wuḍuu’ from Matn al ʿIzziyah

8. الإسْـتِنجَاءُ ([Istinjaa’] Cleansing Oneself of Impurity), الاِسْـتِبْرَاءُ ([Istibraa’] Ridding Oneself of Impurity) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

9. (The Proper [Adaab] Manners for Urinating and Defecating from Matn al ʿIzziyah

10. نَوَاقِضُ الوُضُوء (The Nullification of Wuḍuu’) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

11. The Things That Make Ghusl [Major Ablution] Necessary from Matn al ʿIzziyah

12. التَّيَمُّمُ at-Tayammum (Dry ablution) from Matn al ʿIzziyyah

13. فَصْلٌ فِي الْـمَسْحِ عَلَى الْـخُفَّيْـنِ (Wiping over the Leather Socks) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

14. الْـحَيْضُ (The Blood of Menstruation) and النَّفَاسُ (The Blood of Parturition [Childbirth]) from Matn al ʿIzziyah

Chapter 2 – Concerning الصَّلاةِ (Prayer) – Section:

  1. الصَّلاَةُ‮ ‬الْـمَفْرُوضةُ‮ ‬ (The Obligatory Prayers) from Matnu-l-ʿIzziyah

This is not the complete text, but rather, its a work in progress. In shaa’a-l-laah, there will be more sections add over time.  

Get full Arabic text by clicking on link: Arabic Text

 Explanation of Matn Al īzziyyah click link: Audio


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